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Group Program


~ An 8-week journey to gracefully embrace your transitions ~


Are you in a transitional phase in your life and seeking support? 

Are you hoping to bring changes in your life and need more clarity?


Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a modality that brings yogic techniques, Buddhist philosophies and modern psychology to support access to your body's inner wisdom. Over the course of 8 weeks in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy group program, in a safe, supported and loving environment, you will come to connect with your whole self at a much deeper level. 


This group program will consist of movement, mindfulness meditation and sharing circle to support you in life's transitions. Each week will be aligned with the 8 themes of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy: Befriending Your Body, Awareness, Acceptance, Choice, Discernment, Truth, Truth in Action and Flow. Weekly themes support deepening your inner exploration to connect with your own truth and find flow within your life. 


No yoga experience is needed but a home practice is recommended and supported through the course of the program.


There will be a half day silence retreat on March 9th to support deepening your inner awareness. 


* Please note, refunds are not available for missed classes. However, I will be sending out recordings of meditation and body awareness practice to you at home. This will be sent to you even if you miss the class.


** I am happy to offer one-on-one Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy at discounted price during the course of 8 weeks. Please contact Ayano for detail.

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Group Program Testimonials

group program testimonals

"This series was wonderful! The techniques used were personal, tailored and completely applicable to my life. A very special thank you to Ayano Atsumi for her great facilitation skills. She was absolutely fabulous in guiding the class! She is definitely a person who every yogi/yogini should know and take classes from. Her approach is gentle, kind, non-judgmental and extremely supportive. THANK YOU Ayano!"


"This program helped me to hit "pause" and look within. I came in wanting to "figure out" or "solve" so many things in my life. But what actually happened was I found that I could sit with issues and learn to find peace around them. The peace is what I believe will eventually lead me to better understand my own truth. Ayano is an exceptional facilitator; she is calm, encouraging, and conveys a sincere desire to understand and accompany us on our journeys."

~Kathleen C.

"It’s good to have guidance on our journey in this life. Ayano is a talented spiritual guide. She brings poetry and art to the practice of healing ourselves."


"This course helped me to think holistically about important transitions in my life . Thru yoga, meditation, and an 8 week process from awareness to action..I was able to implement transitions into action. Ayano is an excellent facilitator she provided a gentle guided experience that has profound results. "

~Julie F.

"Even though we were all going through different life changes, it’s interesting how we all felt that the Mindful Transitions group came at the perfect time! I will cherish the increased self awareness I gained and the new practices I learned to take better care of myself moving forward. And I am grateful to have connected with other likeminded people that will continue to support my journey."


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