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Drawing attention inward

It was the last full moon of the year last night and Winter Solstice will come in another week.The days will get shorter and shorter and the nights will get longer and longer until then.

In this darkest time of the year, I have been feeling somewhat slow and heavy with some minor headache every morning. I’m appreciating quietness and solitude. It’s almost like my body is resonating with Winter, becoming dormant and focusing inward.

Do you have any favourite yoga posture that supports bringing your attention inward?

My favourite is forward folding Baddha Konasana, bound angle pose. To me, this pose creates enough space to breathe deeply and, at the same time, supports drawing my attention inward. I appreciate the darkness as my forehead touches the ground. There is a feeling of deep grounding. My mind’s chatter become less and less noticeable as I stay still.

Baddha Konasana is usually a part of my yoga practice, but I think this is especially a great time to really focus in the quietness and the stillness this posture brings.

What can you find in this quietness?

What can you find in this stillness?

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