A simple ritual

Seeing and praying to the first sunrise of the year is one of the important tradition to celebrate the new year in Japan. While I stayed up to see the fireworks from Pike Peak last night, I woke up early this morning to see the sunrise.

The first sunrise of the year

My prayer was very simple: May every being be healthy and peaceful.

As the brand new golden light of the first sunrise of the year filled my being, I felt like this is the light that guides me through my path, which can be dark time to time, throughout the year of 2017. There was a moment of clarity. I felt a warmth in my heart, despite the cold Winter breeze.

In that short moment, I was conscious of Time and Space. I was fully aware of the energy surrounding me, Yin and Yang.

A simple ritual like this can be very grounding and lets me connect to a larger flow that’s surrounding all of us. Do you have any ritual to start the new year? If not, is there anything you’d like to bring into your life?