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​About Ayano

Ayano is passionate about facilitating space for people to explore their inner wisdom and truth through embodied awareness. Her own story of such experience can be found PRYT's official website.


Ayano is a yoga therapist certified through International Association of Yoga Therapy (C-IAYT) and by Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy (PRYT). She is also a yoga teacher trained through Kripalu and Phoenix Rising with experience of Yin Yoga. In 2020, Ayano has been certified as a practitioner of Compassionate Inquiry, a psychotherapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Maté.


Ayano was born in Japan, grew up in multiple places in the world and currently lives in Manitou Springs, Colorado, right by majestic Pikes Peak. Through the practice of embodied awareness of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, yoga, meditation and rock climbing, she became fascinated by deeper wisdom and truths our bodies carry.


When your life is busy and overwhelming, it is hard to recognize what's actually happening inside of you: your body, mind and spirit.  As you start reconnecting with yourself and begin to notice what's happening, you can start accepting any changes that you may encounter, allowing yourself to make necessary decisions based on your own "truth".  Being aware of what's happening "now" is such an empowering experience, it let you connect to your deeper self, leads to a fuller life.  

About Ayano


"My sessions with Ayano have been a journey of self-discovery.  Through guiding questions and movement, Ayano is able to hold the space necessary for personal realizations and revealing connections between mind, body and soul.  Her calming, nonjudgmental disposition in conjunction with thought provoking guidance create an uplifting, exploratory and healing experience."

~ HS, Manitou Springs, CO

"I did not know if PRYT would be an affective therapy for my pain issues. However, Ayano immediately made me feel comfortable with the technique used in her program.

Ayano is soft spoken, kind and well trained to keep one focused during the yoga sessions. I look forward to continuing this program. It's a good therapy for my physical and emotional healing related to back, neck, and leg pain. I highly recommend Ayano."

~ BK, Manitou Springs, CO

"By opening up the body I was able to opem my mind and emotions."

~ GV, Denver, CO


"Ayano has a gentle and masterful spirit. I feel safe and supported under her guidance and feel like letting go so I can experience the journey. "

~ MK, Manitou Springs, CO

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