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[1 on 1] single or multiple one-hour sessions

​(in-person / online)

Based on the approach of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Embodied Awareness therapy supports you to explore connections between what's happening in your body "now" with what's happening in you life through assisted postures, movements and dialogues. During the session you will be supported to experience embodied mindfulness which allows you to become more aware of sensations, thoughts, emotions, memories, images or any other ways you might experience your body in that moment.

The experience of embodied awareness through this experience can lead to:

- Acquiring clarity about what's going on in your life.

- Improved awareness of your body and mind.

- Relaxation that may reduce stress and anxiety.

- Stronger connection to your "self."

- Gaining insight from the deeper wisdom within you.

A session is 1-on-1, fully modified and customized for each client, moment by moment.
​This session can be offered to a couple as well. Contact me for detail.
1 sessionn: $85

4 session bundle: $300



[1 on 1] 4+ one-hour sessions


Making a shift in your life can be exciting but also scary, whether it’s moving to another city, changing your job, working out a relationship… or even to change a single habit. You might be feeling like you need to make a change in your life, but don’t really know what exactly you are looking for.


Utilizing tools from Embodied Awareness Therapy, Embodied Mentoring supports manifestation of changes and intentions that you wish to bring into your life. Through the course of multiple sessions, I facilitate a space for you to listen to your body and to explore specific actions that you choose to bring into your life, which will be supported in-between sessions and followed up in proceeding sessions. Embodied Mentoring sessions also support building mind-body focused life skills, which is important elements for transformation.


4 session bundle: $300 


Group/ Private

Group Classes:
Location: CityRock, Colorado Springs 

Free for CityRock member, $15 for non-members

Gentle Yoga: Wednesdays 6:30AM - 7:30AM 

Power Yoga: Fridays 6:30AM - 7:30AM

Private Yoga and Guided Meditation

An 1-on-1 yoga session, fully optimized for each student's body and needs.  

​1 session/ 1 hour: $50



[1 on 1] one-hour sessions

Our bodies carry unique and different vibrations of energy. Reiki is a hands-on healing method that aims for stress reduction, relaxation as well as healing. It focuses on energy flow in the body instead of the structural release or alignment. Reiki is originally developed in Japan - "Rei (霊)" means "spirit" and "Ki (氣)" means "life force," like Qi or Prana.

I received attunements in Japan from a Reiki Master of Usui Lineage.

$50 for 1 hour session